Delightful Dreaming: not your standard societal goal setting

A mini course about how to uncover what you want, identify what’s holding you back, and take simple steps to move towards the goal…

  • The relationship
  • The new job
  • The side hustle
  • The healthier version of yourself

If you’re thinking, I’ve bought a million books and I’ve never read them. I don’t need another thing to do, I expected that. 

This is not a book. This is not a 45 minute class. This is not a 12-week series. I wanted this mini course to be, well, mini. The videos are only a couple of minutes long. There’s no reading. No journaling. No time you need to set aside to ponder life’s greatest mysteries. 

If you have 2 minutes a day, you can get the most out of this.



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