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The Guided Guide to Goals + Delightful Dreaming for just $97!

To celebrate my new offering The Enneagram 9's Guided Guide to Goals, I’m packaging it with my Delightful Dreaming mini-course for a crazy low price of $97 (regular price together is $394!)!

Delightful Dreaming + The Guided Guide to Goal Setting are so much more than another personal development project. I designed these experiences after years of working to uncover my own goals and the patterns that kept me from achieving them. 

These experiences contain the most important and immediately applicable strategies to help you move forward with your goals right now—not in 5 years, like it took me.

This is for you if…

  • You hate the pressure of goals…
  • You want the drive to accomplish without all the stress…
  • You feel stuck…
  • You wonder why you can’t get it together and just do it…

But you know you want more out of life.


What you get:

Delightful Dreaming: Not Your Standard Societal Goal Setting

A mini course to help you uncover what you want, identify what’s holding you back, and take simple steps to move towards the goal…

  • The relationship
  • The new job
  • The side hustle
  • The healthier version of yourself

If you’re thinking, I’ve bought a million books and I’ve never read them. I don’t need another thing to do, that's not what this is

This is not a book. This is not a 45-minute class. This is not a 12-week series. I wanted this mini-course to be, well, mini. The videos are only a couple minutes long. There’s no reading. No journaling. No time you need to set aside to ponder life’s greatest mysteries. 

It's bite-sized and distills the most important insights to help you get you where you want to go. If you have 2 minutes a day, you can get the most out of this.


The Enneagram 9s Guided Guide to Goals

A 90-minute private session with me!

We'll go through the The Guided Guide to Goals workbook together. When you get stuck, I’m there to unstick you. When you wonder why you can’t "get it together", I’m there to remind you, “there's a better way!”

At the end of our time together, you’ll:

  • know your goals, your motivations, and yourself a lot better
  • know your pitfalls, the triggers and patterns that get in your way
  • have a plan for how to find joy in getting what you want out of life

I'll help you work with who you are instead of against it. When the journey feels good, you'll finally make the progress you've been yearning for. 

Let me help you get there!


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